National and International rates and delivery methods

Delivery costs are offered to you for all orders over € 80 delivered in mainland France and excluding products weighing more than 30kg.

To meet your needs, different packages are available.
Note that we take responsibility for part of the shipping costs, packaging and preparation time, regardless of the weight and volume of your order.

Summary of national and international rates and delivery methods




Tariff Zone 1   Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg

Rate Zone 2 
United Kingdom,
and Switzerland

Other destinations

6.90 €
Flat rate 14.90 € Flat rate 14.90 € Flat rate 17.90 € quotation
domicile-so-colissimo.png my home
commercant-so-colissimo.png at a merchant
poste-so-colissimo.png chosen post office
cityssimo-so-colissimo.png Cityssimo space
rdv1-produit-so-colissimo.png Delivery by appointment (Paris intra-muros)

+ 3.60 €
Delivery by carrier
Order with total weight> 30kg
Package 29.90 € quotation quotation quotation quotation

My home

Home delivery without changing your habits.
Your package is delivered to you personally.
If you are absent it will be made available to you at the post office to which you are attached.
You therefore have 10 working days from the date of arrival of your package at the post office to collect it.
In all cases, you will be informed by email 24 hours before the delivery of your package.

My trader

Have it delivered to a merchant near your address!
With So Colissimo, you can choose one of the 3,700 merchants in the PICKUP network, La Poste Group, near your home, your place of work or vacation, to which you want to have delivered.
You will be informed of the availability of your package by SMS and email.
You have 10 working days to collect it.

My post office

Have it delivered directly to one of the 10,000 La Poste pick-up points of your choice!
Now with So Colissimo, you can choose the La Poste collection point (post office, delivery agency, etc.) to which you wish to have it delivered (without prior delivery by your postman to your home).
You will be informed of the availability of your package by SMS and email, with a withdrawal slip allowing you to come and collect it at a La Poste collection point within 10 working days.

My cityssimo locker

Have it delivered to one of the 31 Cityssimo automatic lockers!
Cityssimo's automatic lockers are automatic collection sites for parcels accessible 24/7 (except Cityssimo automatic lockers subject to opening hours of shopping malls).
You will be informed of the availability of your package by email and SMS.
The latter will give you your withdrawal codes allowing you to withdraw your package within 10 working days. 

My meeting 

Service offered exclusively in inner Paris.  
Have it delivered by appointment to the address of your choice!
By choosing delivery by appointment with hand delivery, you opt for tranquility.
As soon as your package is ready for delivery, you will be notified by email and SMS.
You will be able to select, from Monday to Friday, the time slot that suits you best for your delivery: from 5 p.m. to 6.30 p.m., from 6.30 p.m. to 8 p.m. or from 8 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.
You will also have the option of choosing another day to have it delivered to you, within 10 working days.


International delivery, furniture and packages over 30 kilos

Les commandes dont le poids total excède 30 kg tels que les meubles sont livrées par un transporteur privé.
La livraison s’effectue sur rendez-vous, selon vos disponibilités.
Attention ! La livraison se fait en rez-de-chaussée uniquement - Le transporteur n'est pas tenu de monter dans les étages pour effectuer la livraison.
Il est conseillé de prendre toutes les dispositions nécessaires pour prévoir de l'aide le jour de la livraison.

Livraison internationale

Pour les livraisons internationales, veuillez vous adresser à pour une demande de devis (réponse sous 24h).
Les frais de douane ou taxes locales à acquitter éventuellement pour la Suisse et les autres destinations hors Union Européenne ne sont pas inclus dans le prix de la commande et sont à la charge du destinataire.